Essential medical services was formed by two Critical Care Paramedics Danny Hopkins and Rhonda Hopkins in 2013 who both have an extensive background in the NHS with a love and passion for patient care. 

The idea was to change the level of sub standard care that was being provided at events all across Europe, after attending several jobs were medical teams were present but the level of Clinical care was far below the standard it should be.

Before the company was created a lot of research was carried out, one thing that was very common was found. When event organisers were booking an Ambulance or a “ Medic “ they were of the understanding that they would automatically have a Paramedic which was not the case. The level of understanding from the Public about the Level of Clinical Grades was very low. 


Danny and Rhonda decided to launch Essential Medical Services and change the way event medical services are provided. Ensuring that customers have the correct level of Clinical cover for the event they are having.

Essential Medical services prides itself by setting itself far out of the normal operations of other medical companies by using Clinical staff who are Emergency Services Trained and work for the NHS 999 services or in Hospital Emergency Departments.

From Consultants to Critical Care teams in Helicopters to Paramedic cover on a film set Essential Medical is your correct choice of Medical Provider.

Building its reputation very quickly in the Critical Care arena, Essential care Services has been the leader is providing specialist care services for many high risk clients and events and been able to provide a Gold standard service on location.

All staff provided by Essential Medical Services have been carefully selected and undergone a rigourous employment process and clinical examination scenarios to ensure our customers and potential patients recieve the best standard of Clinical Care. 

Emergency Medical Consultants ( Pre Hospital Air Ambulance ) 

Emergency Doctors both Hospital and Pre Hospital Air Ambulance 

Critical Care Paramedics 

Enhanced Care Paramedics 


Student Paramedics